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RamaDBK is an one-stop car shop with commercial and non-commercial vehicles. As a world renowned Japanese car exporter we pride ourselves for providing a variety of services, including the purchasing, sales, export, and distribution of a wide variety of quality Japanese New and Used Cars and car parts from Japan. RamaDBK was one of the first companies in Japan to introduce the selling of Japan New and Used Cars on the Internet.

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RamaDBK is exporting several thousands of vehicles all over the world every year, sometimes by container, but most often on the deck of some ships specialized in the transportation of vehicles, called RORO vessels. RORO stands for “roll-on, roll off”, it means that the vehicles are driven from the wharf to the deck of the [...]
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John is the manager of a very successful security consulting company in Trinidad, a large island in the South of the Caribbean. He has been importing several vehicles from RamaDBK over the last year and he has always been very satisfied by the quality of the vehicles from RamaDBK and by the outstanding service of [...]
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Boniface is loving motor vehicles since early childhood. Now, at his early thirties, he is the owner of a very successful medium size car dealership in the center of Kenya near Nairobi. He is importing vehicles on order for his customers or else he is reselling his own stock of popular Japanese cars in his [...]
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RamaDBK has sent some polo shirts at the name of the company to some customers who have purchased several vehicles in order to express our gratitude for their confidence in RamaDBK. The polo shirts have been produced in a limited number and the current stock as already been sent. Yet, as many customers have sent [...]
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The new model of Honda Civic year 2017 will finally be sold in Japan this year. The Honda Civic will be offered in several different versions, sedan, hatchback and a sports car called type R. This model will be the 10th generation of the Honda Civic, a very popular model that has been granted the [...]
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